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Can Nutrition and Exercise Cure Dyslexia?

Campster shows off her color wheel painting
Sorry for my long absence.  Following the homeschool conference at MASS HOPE in late April, I had a lot to think about.  Having determined that Campster, now 8, is definitely dyslexic, I sought out advice and help at the conference, and from friends and family with experience.  What a vast difference in approaches I found!  (But more about that in another post to come).

For now, I had my "path forward":  Nutrition and exercise.  What?!  What do nutrition and exercise have to do with dyslexia?  Well, first of all, we were able to determine that one of the causes of Campster's dyslexia is that the two sides (hemispheres) of her brain were not talking to each other.  Here is a simple test to determine this:  Tactile Localization.  Campster failed this test horribly.  Whereas the other children could do it, no problem.

At MASSHOPE, we were blessed to have the speaker, Dianne Craft, talk about the corpus collosum, that section of the brain in between the two hemispheres.  It is made up of mostly DHA.  Children who are dyslexic need Cod Liver Oil (full of DHA) in order to build up their mid-brain and allow the communication between the two hemispheres to happen.  We have been taking Twin Labs Emusified Orange Flavor Cod Liver Oil, three times a day, ever since.

Secondly, Mrs. Craft talked about doing exercises for the brain, which cross over that mid-line between the hemispheres.   At first, Campster could not do this.  Wow!  We were so amazed.  But, within a week of doing "Writing Eights" everyday, she could do it smoothly.  We will continue to do these exercises at least four times a week for six months.

Having done these for a couple of months now, Campster is showing much improvement.  She is reading with enthusiasm!  She tied her own shoelaces, which she has never been able to do before.  We have hope that she will be a reader after all!

Wish you were here!

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