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The Boy and The Moon

Recently, we attended a BBQ at my friend's house.  Among other things, we were celebrating the publishing of her hubby's book.  He is an accomplished artist, whose illustrations have been in magazines.  The Boy and the Moon is his first book.  And it is wonderful.

The story is so cute, and has a clever turn at the end.  In fact, you may find yourself discussing homonyms.  You will also enjoy a discussion of the moon and its phases.

But what will really bless you, are the amazing illustrations.  You know how the moonlight has a mysterious, glowy, dreamy quality to it?  Jim captures that in his illustrations.  They are so beautiful!  And it reminds me of the fun, fanciful "Where the Wild Things Are," but without the scary monsters.  I hope that he will be nominated for a Caldecott award.  (Note to self:  Find out how to nominate someone.)  I might have to get two copies so I can rip the pages out of one and frame them.

Beauty Mom, Fun Friend, and Awesome Artist
The book will be released on September first.  I really want you to go to Amazon and preorder one.  Not because the author/artist is my friend's husband (although. . .) - because you will LOVE it.  And then you will know what to get for all those kids on your Christmas list.

Please comment when you have the book in your hands, and tell me how much you love it.  I'll pass your comments on to Jim.  This is one of those books that you will keep on your shelf after you've culled out the twaddle.

Wish you were here!

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