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We Have a New Student!!

Our family met a nine-year-old boy at Vacation Bible School this summer, and we think he's something special.  We've all been praying for him, and befriending him.  And two weeks ago, he was baptized at our church.

Knowing that his family life is challenging, and he has some special needs, we have been praying for things in his life to get better.  Imagine our surprise when we were told that he was being taking out of school (he was being bullied) and will be homeschooled from now on!!  Go God!

We have often wanted to adopt a boy Jor Man's age.  And while this is not adoption, it certainly is wonderful to have another boy around for Jor Man to play with.  I need to think of a "blog name" for him, and get permission to post pictures.

Yesterday was our first day with him homeschooling at our house.  We love having him be a part of our "school". We rearranged some of the chores, and he will be helping with the chickens, and making lunch.  (Campster, who was previously making lunch will now focus on desserts.)  We also did the List with him, and were excited to know that while he does not want to do anything with textbooks anymore, he is very interested in learning at Ulysses S. Grant (an ancestor of his) and the World Wars.  Today we will go to the library and get some books and videos on these subjects for him.

We all recognize that it will take the Love of God to help us through this transition.  And we are excited to see what God will do next.

Please do keep us all in your prayers as we figure this out.

Wish you were here!

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