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Boston - part one

This "school year", if we can call it that, my family and I are doing something a little different. My friend has asked me (repeatedly) to blog about it - so here we go.

Family Resource Center is a wonderful organization that coordinates field trips and classes for homeschoolers in New England. For a small fee (I think it's $60) we get access to these classes at a discounted rate, and first opportunity to sign up for them. I talked with the two "Big Kids" (my 9 year-old boy and my 6 year-old girl) about taking some classes with them this year, and they were all for it.

So once a month, on Monday, we all (yes, Big Dad, too!) get in the minivan and drive the 3 hours to Boston. There we have lunch (packed) out on the wharf (weather permitting) and then the Big Kids go to Aquarium School at the New England Aquarium in Boston. These classes are broken up by age group, so Campster is in a younger group than Jor Man. They are taught all about taking care of various animals in the Aquarium. One month, they dissected sharks! The kids LOVE their classes.

Class is two hours long, and since that is a long time for SherBear to stay quiet, we take that opportunity to give her special Mom and Dad time, which she adores. We bought a family membership to the Aquarium ($99), so we get free admission and discounted parking ($25). SherBear loves the hands-on Starfish exhibit and spends at least some time there each trip. She also likes the penguins and the seals.

Weather permitting, we take walks and see a bit of Boston. We've toured Faneuil Hall. And this month, we discovered Christopher Columbus park with a playground. Being the daughter of travel agents, I also like to look at the various hotels.

Oh, and speaking of hotels, I can't wait to tell you what happens next! More to come!

Wish you were here!

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