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Boston - part three

After Aquarium School, and doing a little sightseeing, we head to our hotel. When I was setting this whole thing up, I remembered a hotel I had stayed in when I was 17. My family had vacationed on Nantucket that summer, and stayed in several hotels on the long drive there and back from Chicago. One hotel made a particular impression on me, all those years ago. Now it is known as the Holiday Inn, Boxborough, MA.  It has a huge atrium with a pool and the rooms all around it. To a kid it is heaven. So I called the hotel and negotiated a great rate, based on the fact that we would be there 10 times in the coming year. In addition to a really great rate, they have a Kids Eat Free policy. The kids can’t decide which is better, the swimming pool, or the breakfast buffet. To save money, we pack the cooler with snacks and eat dinner in the room. Then we have the buffet for breakfast.

After breakfast, we swim again. We get late checkout after lunch, and head to the next class.

This is another class coordinated by Family Resource Center. Animal Adventures is a mini-zoo, run by creationist Ed Laquidara in Bolton, Massachusetts. They have ferrets, alligators, snakes, lemurs, lizards, wallaby, bunnies, pigs, chickens, skunks, owl, bobcats, parrots, turtles, chameleon, goats, Komodo dragon and more! The kids are taught how to care for these animals, scientific terms, and an appreciation for God’s creation. Once, they were taught how to wrangle alligators. The alligators’ mouths were taped shut. They started with the 2 foot long alligators and worked their way up to the 6 foot alligator. That’s right. My 6 year old girl has wrangled a 6 foot alligator. There is homework for both classes. I let the kids decide if they want to do it or not. So far they’ve wanted to do it.

The ride home is long and everyone is tired. But we love our vacation school. The next morning is all about unpacking and laundry. They are getting good at both!

Wish you were here!

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