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Last year at MASS HOPE, Phil Downey gave a talk on "Solving Conflicts in Homeschooling through Truth in Love" which I found to be very helpful.  He talked about taking each of his children on a date.  They didn't have to be expensive, just had to be one-on-one time with the child.  And while he was on these dates, he would ask his kids "Is there anything you are angry about with me or want to talk to me about?  How are we doing?"  He didn't jump in and tell the kids that they were wrong.  He listened.  He found something in what they said that he could agree with and communicated that he heard them.  It made a huge difference in his relationships with his kids.

Big Dad and I try to go on dates with each of our kids at least once a month.  It's not easy.  We have to make it a priority.  Usually they want to go to the coffee shop and get a juice and a muffin.  We abstain so that we can listen and focus all our attention on the kids.  It also keeps the date cheap.  Sometimes Sher Bear just wants to go to the park and be pushed on the swings.  It's their choice what we do.  We just give them a time limit.  An hour is about right.  

This is a picture of Campster enjoying her apple juice on our date last week.  (We only drink water or raw milk at home, so juice is a huge treat!)  We brought the game "SomeBody" and played.  I was impressed by how many body parts she knows.  

After I took the picture of her, she wanted to take some of me.  I also took the opportunity to talk with her about what she wants to learn next year.  She is really interested in learning about birds and continuing her study of butterflies.  She says she'd like to be a veterinarian.  I can totally see that.  

 Wish you were here!

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