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The other day, I saw this on my fridge.  Campster was sad.  Apparently because I insisted that she finish the laundry before she went out to play. (Mean Mommy!!)  The laundry is next to the refrigerator.   So she made use of our lower-case magnetic letters to spell out her feelings.

She's okay.  But I wanted to take this opportunity to show off my fridge magnets.  I really like them.  Most letter magnets are capital letters.  And that is so confusing, as most of the letters that children read are lower case.  We very rarely line up capital letters in a row to spell a word.  RIGHT?

So if you get magnetic letters for your kids, be sure and get lower case ones.  I also got two sets because you run out of vowels too quickly otherwise.  They are too small to be safe for the under-three crowd.  If you have littles, you may want to keep your letters in a ziploc or a bin which you bring down and collect up all the letters afterwards.  Cookie sheets can make good magnet boards also.

Kids will often learn to read before their small motor skills are strong enough to make writing an enjoyable exercise.  Don't push the writing.  Kids will write when they want to write.  Giving them other ways to interact with letters and words can make reading a kinesthetic experience. Stamps with letters can be a fun way to write without writing.

We can't find the "v".  I'll bet it is under the washer.  Campster is resourceful!

Wish you were here!

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