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Not Reading

John Holt recommended in his book, Teach Your Own, that homeschooling parents ask their kids three questions:

1)  What are you already doing (learning about, studying) that you want to keep doing?

2)  What would you like my help to do (learn, study)? and,

3)  What do you never want to do again?

This time, Campster said that she doesn't want to learn to read this year.  Granted, her reading is better than it has ever been.  But at 7 years old, she is not reading chapter books like Jor Man was.  And she does not feel confident about her reading.  She frustrates herself when trying to read.  I have wondered if she is dyslexic.  She will write whole sentences backwards, from right to left, and not notice the disparity.  I have been reading The Gift of Dyslexia in an effort to determine how best to assist her in reading.  But I have not yet come to any conclusions.

I assured her that I would not "make her read" at all this year.  She was relieved.

So I find it so sweet and wonderful that when Sher Bear was feeling ill, Campster offered to read to her.  Nope, no reading in this house!  LOL.

Wish you were here!


Lori in KY said...

That picture is a TREASURE! So is her sweet heart!

Dakota said...

Very sweet. I'm pretty sure that asking her to read to you when you're under the weather is cheating, but I had to ponder it none-the-less.

Anonymous said...

I like your blog! I am visiting from BlogFrog. I am going to go browse some more. . .

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