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Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Despite Campster's serious look, everyone was having a great time.

Libraries in Connecticut sponsored a summer reading program this summer, complete with prizes from Barnes & Noble, Quassy, and Rockcats baseball.

All three kids won free tickets to a minor league, Rockcats baseball game.  We just had to pay for the adult tickets ($8 a piece) and parking ($3).  The kids even got free hot dogs and waters!

Minor league baseball is, in my mind, so much more enjoyable than major league. There is a strong feeling of community!  It's not as crowded, and there is much to see and do.

The view from our seats.  Not bad!
Always learning, the kids had fun finding their seats using the numbers and letters on their tickets.  Then we talked about the scoreboard, and reviewed the rules of baseball.  There's lots of counting involved in a baseball game.    We also noticed the sign tracking the speed of the pitch, and the many billboards to read.

At the minor games, every break is time for some other community group to be acknowledged.  On the field, children raced, danced, did Tae-Kwon-Do demonstrations, and sang the national anthem.

There were give aways, and the kids all got soccer balls (which we put in the car right away).  We even met Miss Connecticut, who was very nice.  The girls thought she was a princess, because of her tiara.  They had never heard of beauty pageants.  Jor Man got autographs from two of the teams three mascots.

Wish you were here!

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