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The Big E

It's happened.  Jor Man is officially too big for a ride at the fair.
The Big E, as it's affectionately called, is officially known as the Eastern States Exposition.  It's like the county fair, only it's for all of the New England States combined.

We got free tickets for the kids through MASS HOPE, the Massachusetts Christian Homeschoolers Organization.  Big Dad took the day off to spend it with us.

There were rides galore.  The kids saved up their allowances and bought wristbands which allowed them to ride all the rides all day long.  Good value.  It also eliminated the problem of having to choose which rides to go on if you only have so many tickets.  The fun houses were a big hit.  So were the slides.

The big kids really enjoyed the bumper cars.  But Sher Bear did not.  Unfortunately, once the ride starts, you have to see it through.  Later, she was really adventurous and had a blast. 

Campster makes the Maple Syrup Cotton Candy disappear!
And then there was the food!!  Of course, things were complicated by the diet that we have been on ever since July.  No gluten for us.  But there was maple syrup cotton candy.  And milk shakes.  And baked potatoes.

Jor Man, Sher Bear, and Campster
I was interested in looking at the cows and the sheep.  We missed the sheep dog competition.  And Jor Man really liked the BMX bikes demonstration.

We will definitely go again next year, and we will be better prepared for the day.  I want to schedule things out and plan the day better.  This time we just winged it - and ended up walking a lot more than probably was necessary.

The coolest part of the Big E, and what sets it apart from the county fairs, is the States Avenue.  There is a whole street with miniature state capitol buildings for each of the New England states.  Inside each of the buildings are booths and vendors specific to each state.

Did you know that the US headquarters for LEGO are in Connecticut?  Yeah, neither did I!  Now my kids are signed up as testers.  :)

Wish you were here!
This is a Maine baked potato.  Yum!!

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