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Cave Paintings

Campster working diligently on her cave painting.

Sher Bear is completely focused on this activity.
 A good friend is also studying the Ancients this  year.  She is using The Story of the World and the accompanying Activity Book.  We used these with Jor Man when he was K4 - but they are really very appropriate for K - 3 or even older.  Since Campster is in 2nd grade this year, and Sher Bear, the kindergardener wanted to study Egypt, we are doing some of the activities together with our friends.

This particular day was warm, so we headed to our local lake and enjoyed the beach with three other families for an end of summer play time. My friend brought kraft paper (the kind you get if you order stuff from Amazon.com), and some black paint and brushes.

The beach was the perfect no mess place to do this activity.  If anyone decided to paint themselves, we sent them into the water to wash off.

A friend and Campster share the meat tray paint palette.

Wind, waves, sun and friends.  Beats normal school any day!

Campster has painted a cave person and their "Kill"
 To prepare my kids for this activity, I looked up "Cave Paintings, France" on Swag Bucks, and found this great website on the Lascaux cave paintings.  I love that they have an online tour of the caves.  I had seen still shots before in text books.  But I had no idea the complexity of the paintings, let alone the shear number of them.

The kids were inspired to create their own "cave paintings".  We also read aloud a couple of books which I had purchased from the Institute for Creation Research about creation and early man:  Dry Bones and Other Fossils by Gary E. & Mary M. Parker, and Life in the Great Ice Age by Michael & Beverly Oard.

Sher Bear and friend hard at work

Another great resource for materials that fit this time frame is Answers in Genesis.  They have a children's magazine that is excellent.

Sher Bear says it's a dear with antlers
Wish you were here!

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