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Reading is a Super Power!

Halloween 2008, Camster as Ariel with "red" hair
There are two things you should know about Campster.  Both are recent changes for her.

The first is that, while she used to be a blond, she is now a red head.  Really.  She has wanted to be a red head since she could say red head.  She's been very consistent about it.  And, as providence would have it, she's got the right coloring for it, just not the "right" hair color.

Two years ago for Halloween she was Ariel, the Little Mermaid.  And she wanted very much to have red hair for that.  So we dyed her hair using a semi-permanent (washes out in 28 shampoos) hair color and only left it in for a few minutes.  The result was barely noticeable, but was definitely red when the light hit is just right.  She was thrilled.

Campster emptying her stocking.  Note the dye, left
Fast forward to this Christmas:  Campster again was asking for red hair dye, and Big Dad thought that Santa ought to oblige her.  So guess what she got in her stocking.

We used the exact same dye as last time.  But, for whatever reason, (poor judgment, bad memory, living on the wild side), I left it in longer this time.  Now her hair is truly, really red.  Thankfully, she loves it again, and has vowed not to shampoo so that it will stay that way.

Okay, now for the second change.  She's a reader.  For Christmas, she got "Come Back, Amelia Bedilia" and before any of us could read it to her, she decided to read it herself.  And she did.  She went from sounding out each and every word, excruciatingly slowly, to reading this book with no problem.  She even read words and phrases she's never encountered before.  It was amazing.  This from my kid who told me the one thing she did not want to do this year was learn to read.

Campster's new red hair!
I wish you could have seen her face.  She was so proud of herself.  "Mom!  Dad!" she would shout, "I'm reading! It's like I have a super power!  I can read!  Reading IS a super power!"  She proclaimed.

And she's right about that.  Reading is a super power.  It changes everything.  Now that she knows she can read, there's been no stopping her.  She's not attempted a chapter book yet, but I'm sure that will happen soon enough.  She's reading every street sign, every magazine cover (uh oh!) and everything she sees.

So, for my red headed super hero reader, 2011 is going to be a super exciting year!

Wish you were here!

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Kelly said...

I guess you'll be covering up those ladies magazines at the check out counter. Good news.

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