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Skiing for the First Time, Ever

Sher Bear tries on her new long johns, hat and mittens
Ever since we moved from Sunny Southern California to New England, I've been hearing about the wonderful homeschool skiing program at Otis Ridge.  This was the first year that we tried it - in fact, it's the first time any of the kids have ever skied.

Such a deal:  It was $85 per child for 6 weeks of lessons (once a week), rentals, and lift tickets.  And while it is over an hour drive from our home, it is worth it.

Thanks to my Mom, who gave the kids the lessons for their Christmas gifts (at my request).  At first the kids were equal parts apprehensive and excited.   But as the day drew near, and we began organizing the "stuff" and getting ready, the excitement was winning out.

Everyone had new long johns for the occasion, and several got new gloves or hats.  The night before, we laid everything out on the beds to be certain no one was missing any important items.

Huntz on skis for the first time
On that morning, we got up early and had a good breakfast before suiting up and driving out to Otis, MA.  I gave myself extra time to get there, because it was my first time driving out to Otis, and the country roads can make everything take longer than one might think.

Campster flying down the bunny hill
I was amazed by the shear number of homeschoolers who were there for the lessons.  Because it was closer to Hartford, CT and Springfield, MA, there were a lot more kids there than we were used to seeing at a homeschooling event.

Getting checked in was a bit tedious, as was getting skis and boots for  the kids, and trying everything on.  But once the kids were all properly equipped, we headed outside where the real fun began.

Jor Man has the hang of it
Campster, Huntz and Jor Man, going around in circles

At first, they had all the beginners wear only one ski and go around in a circle to get the hang of it.  I'd never seen so many kids staring down at their feet!  Funny!

It was difficult for me to watch Sher Bear struggle with her skis, but soon I turned to my friend, realizing my tendency to hover, and we made a break for the lodge.  Better to let the professionals teach the skiing.  I don't ski anyhow.  I wouldn't have anything truly helpful to add.

I was surprised, and a little disappointed to find that from there the kids were basically left to their own devices.  At various points all the kids fell into ditches or just tipped over and couldn't get up.  It was hard watching them, and seeing no one was coming to their rescue.

Eventually, everyone did get up on their own, and learned something in the process.  As much as I am all for kids learning on their own, I guess I still want a little more instruction when it comes to skiing.  What do you think?

In the end, Campster and Jor Man really took to skiing.  Both skied from 10 am until 3 pm, and then left only on my urging.  They flew down the hills and absolutely loved it.

Huntz had a more difficult time, but seemed to enjoy himself.  I believe he will get the hang of it this week, and be skiing with the others.

Sher Bear (who apparently takes after her mom) much preferred being warm in the lodge, drinking hot cocoa and eating chili cheese fries following her one hour lesson.

To kill time waiting for the "big kids", Sher Bear and I played the Thankful Game from "My ABC Bible Verses" and I allowed her to use my digital camera to take some pictures.

In preparation for the next lesson, we went to the library and checked out some children's books on skiing.    I am also looking for some videos to watch with them (preferably ones without big crashes or tragedies).  I am also getting helmets for each child.  (I kept thinking of Sonny Bono as they came flying down the hill.)

Sher Bear, in full gear, tries one ski
Knowing how afraid I am of skiing, I didn't want to pass that on to the kids.  Recently, I was telling my mom how much I love thunder storms, and she confessed that she was always terribly afraid of them.  I never knew.

I am thrilled that the kids seem to take after Big Dad in their love of skiing and their athletic abilities.  I called him from the lodge with tears in my eyes, and said, "You really ought to take next Thursday off and come see the kids ski.  You won't believe it."

They are growing up!

Wish you were here!

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Rodney said...

Very cool Blog! we just went tubing last week for the first time. Have to say I like skiing better! Looks like you all had fun!:D

Anyways, my wifes name is Annette (pastors wife)and she just opened her blog to public setting as she wants to be an encouragement and blessing to people. I was trying to be an encouragement to her by asking if you would be willing to swing by and say hi as she does not know many people in the blog world? Thank you for considering. Her blog is


Thank You,
Rodney(Annette's husband)

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