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Here is our King

Beauty Mom and Sher Bear singing and strumming
Like I said in a previous post, I want to learn to play a David Crowder song for worship.  Well, I got the chords off the internet and have been practicing.

It's funny how I can go for a while without touching my guitar, and no one else is really interested in touching it.  Then, when I get it out, suddenly all three kids MUST play guitar.  This was the scene this morning as I attempted to play.  I finally decided to let the Sher Bear strum while I fingered the chords.

Jor Man rocks out!
Now Jor Man has his electric guitar out, and Sher Bear is strumming on my acoustic, singing praise at the top of her lungs.  It doesn't take much to get kids excited about making music.

Here's the song I am learning:  Here is our King.  I hope on Monday, during our drum lessons, Jon will help us each find a part to play so we can play it together.  We're not ready to lead worship yet, but it's a start.

The video below is David Crowder Band playing it how it is supposed to sound.  :)  I like it because it is so worshipful.

Wish you were here!

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