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Jor Man on the far left 
Last February, Jor Man was invited to be part of a world effort to sing for Haiti.  Truth be told, they needed more boys.  But it was a nice invitation - and he had fun singing and, especially, twirling the ribbons! (Jor Man is on the far left in the orange shirt).

It was incredibly challenging for Jor Man who had never sung with this group before and had an hour or so of practice before they filmed it.  But he really got a kick out of seeing himself on YouTube.

By the way, in the video below, the pictures of Haiti were taken by a friend who was part of the missions trip from our church to Haiti before the earthquake.  And the child at the very beginning is a child she sponsors.

I remember that at the time, Jor Man was very moved by the earthquake (pardon the pun) and wanted to help.  How wonderful for kids to be empowered to give and help in times of need.  Not only is it lovely, it builds the child's sense of purpose and power.  It's interesting to me how many wonderful opportunities are out there - even in our rural area - if we just keep our eyes and ears open and are willing to try new things.

I meet home schooling families who don't get out much, and complain that there aren't many resources available to them.  But I have found that networking begins with being friendly with people - letting them know you are interested in what is going on around your town.  It can be isolating to not have your kids in school.   There is a network of people and events that we "miss out" on by not having our kids enrolled.   But don't stay home and pout!  Get out there and meet people!  And if there isn't a homeschool support group in your town, start one!  Be the positive and proactive person you want your kids to become.  Model it for them.  Not only will you get to find out about great opportunities for your family, you'll meet new friends and introduce people to home schooling and to the Lord.

Wish you were here!

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