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Mom and kids watching the baby quail in Dad's office
God never ceases to amaze me.  On Memorial Day, we were gifted with just over 50 week-old quail chicks.  They were hatched as part of a local store promotion.  A friend knew of my affinity for poultry and suggested that I raise them.  So here we are in Big Dad's office with our box of quail chicks.  See how they are all huddled in the corner?  That's because it wasn't yet warm enough for them.  The heat lamp needs a few minutes to get it warmed up enough for them.  When they arrived they were about 2 inches long each.

Since then, we have had a few adventures with the quail.  One day their water bottle mysteriously tipped over, and half the chicks got soaked.  They were shivering and piling on top of one another when Jor Man discovered them.  The whole family quickly gathered around with hair dryers and towels to warm them up and dry them off.  We only lost one chick to that debacle.

Then on Friday, we were headed over to the farm to pick up some milk (yes, we live in the country!) and we saw a tag sale (yes, we live in New England).  After getting the milk into the refrigerator, Grace and I returned to the tag sale.  (Oh, the joys of having a husband out of work - we can leave the kids with him!)

So little.  Like colored cotton balls.
As we approached the tag sale, which was being held at the local storage facility, I commented to Grace, "This is so silly.  It's not like I have any money to spend.  And it's not even like I really need anything.  The only thing I could really use is a larger quail enclosure. "  Like we could find one at a tag sale.  But I thought maybe we might find some animal cage or some old big box.  Something.  So I threw up a prayer, "Okay, God, please let their be a quail enclosure for me at the tag sale."

As we walked down the hill to the sale, we both saw them.  What were they?  They looked house like, but on stilts and there were four of them.  Turns out they were chick brooders - from a circus - in the Carolinas.  They even had brooder lamps.  The guy at the sale offered to deliver them to my house if I would take all four.  So I did.  What a steal!

Future quail brooders and bunny hutches
So, my amazing God got me not one, but four quail enclosures.  They are custom made and lovely.  They are 3 foot by 3 foot and 7 feet tall.  One is currently in our basement full of 50 quail.  The other three are in the garage.  We will probably convert one to a really cool bunny condo for Miss Ruby.  And we have ordered chicks for when we return from Guatemala.  It's going to be a regular poultry-fest around here.

I just love that God knows my prayers before I even pray them.  He is that good.  If I can trust him to provide a quail house (if he cares for the sparrows) then I can trust him for a job for my husband, and provision for our family.

Wish you were here!


Anonymous said...

Neat story. How much were the "houses", if it's not too rude to ask?


paisley said...

$25 each. Not that I was planning on spending that much - but we will use them. The bunny hutch we have been eyeing at the Agway is $230. We will be able to make a better, cuter one with one of the brooders and some scrap wood. Campster is so excited.
Also, I failed to mention in the post that we have the opportunity to get more baby quail, maybe 150 or more in all, over the next few months. That's a lot of "free" meat and eggs. Although I suppose we will want to start praying for a freezer! :)

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