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Ambience and Fraud

Sher Bear takes a break from swimming at Tiquisate, Guatemala
People comment that my kids seem well educated.  How can they tell that?  I wonder.  I think it must be their vocabulary.  All three kids, but Campster especially, have an amazing repetoire of words they use in everyday conversation.
How did that happen?  Here's a few guesses:

1.  They don't go to school.  Because they are around Mom, Dad, and other grownups most days, their vocabulary reflects the word choices of adults over those of children.

2.  They don't watch television.  We have a plasma.  But we do not have cable tv or sattelite.  Instead we watch hand-picked movies from time to time.  Everytime I do get a chance to watch tv, I am amazed how dumbed-down much of it is.

3.  We read, a lot.  Big Dad is especially great about reading to the kids.  I prefer books on tape.  But one way or another, they listen to or read plenty of good literature.  That's not to say that we completely disallow "twaddle", but that is not the bulk of their reading.

4.  We don't "talk down" to them.  Big Dad and I talk about almost anything in front of the kids.  And we discuss it as though we are talking with our adult friends.  The kids have great insight and opinions on things.  And when they don't understand a word, they ask us.

Like today, in the car, I said the word "ambience".  I can't remember what the context was.  But Campster asked me what that meant.  We had a whole discussion on the feel of certain rooms.  And we decided that the ambience in the girls' room is much improved now that the old wallpaper is gone and the new wainscoting and beautiful pink paint is in it's place.

And then this evening, Jor Man and I were looking at a video on the internet, and they said that someone was a fraud.  Jor Man wanted to know what fraud meant.  We talked about the Wizard of OZ and how he wasn't "The Great and Powerful OZ" after all, but a fraud - a lie.

And since I don't have any great pictures of vocabulary - I thought I'd post this cute one of Sher Bear swimming in Guatemala.  She loves swimming!

Wish you were here!

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