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The Bridge

Sher Bear and Beauty Mom ready to cross
The first time I ever went to Guatemala, I was nine years old.  I still have vivid memories of that trip - and I hope that my kids will remember their trip always as well.

One of the things that I remembered from that first trip was the hammock bridge.  My family in Guatemala has a farm (una finca) that is now primarily a mango plantation.  It was a cattle ranch 36 years ago.  In the dry season, you drive through the river to the other side.  But this is the rainy season, and the only way to get to the finca now is to go across the hammock bridge.

When I was nine, my mother wouldn't let me do it.  At that time only one person could cross at a time.  Now many people cross at once.

Just so that you get the full picture - this river was running very high and very fast.  And, I am told, has alligators.  Although, thankfully, I didn't see any.

Big Dad and Sher Bear on their way back
So we said our prayers and crossed the bridge.  Sher Bear had the hardest time, because she could not reach the wires on the side.  So Beauty Mom crossed over with her on the way there, and Big Dad on the way back.

The kids loved it!  The adults survived it.  And we all had a lovely time at the mango farm.  Traveling is all about doing the things you don't do in your every day life.  We dubbed this the "Indiana Jones Adventure".

Campster's drawing of the bridge
I bought journals for each of us to draw and write in on our trip.  (I didn't like the pencils I got, because they smeared.  I also forgot to bring a pencil sharpener.)  The girls especially loved this process of drawing what happened each day.  On the left is Campster's picture of the bridge.  And below, on the right, is Sher Bear's.  I love the alligator!

I love that Sher Bear did not show a parent with her!
Wish you were here!

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