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Writers' Block

We are back, and we had a fabulous time.  There is so much to tell.

And yet, every time I sit down and try to put it into words - I am at a loss.  Which got me thinking - What do I do when I want the kids to write?  How do I encourage their writing?

When words fail us, or feel too intimidating, pictures can help the process.  Perhaps a child does not know where to begin when writing a story - have him or her draw a picture.  Then ask them to tell you about their picture:  What is happening?  How did it start?  Who is in the picture?  Where is it happening?  When did it happen?  And what happens next?

If you write down what they answer, you will have the rough draft of the story.  Little kids love to have you write out the story they dictate based on a picture.  And bigger kids will get the start they need to get a paper or a story going.

So, taking my own advice, here's my picture:

Rosa, Beauty Mom, Sher Bear and Campster with our tortillas
This is Rosa.  Rosa is the maid (or in spanish, criada) at my cousin, Ricardo's home.  We arrived in Guatemala City in the evening on Sunday. And first thing we did on Monday morning when we woke up was to go into the kitchen and meet Rosa.  She is so sweet.

Here Rosa is making tortillas for the family.  She taught the girls and me how to make them.  It's harder than it looks.

Our tortillas were not round and flat like Rosa's.  But they were still edible.  The girls made sure that everyone got to try their tortillas!

Rosa does not speak any english.  So the girls also got a chance to communicate non verbally with someone.  And they began to ask how to say things in spanish.

I took over 600 pictures while in Guatemala.  I promise not to show them all to you - just the highlights.  But the next few weeks will probably be a lot of Guatemala.  It is a lovely place.

Wish you were here!

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