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A Leap of Faith

The rumbly truck that would take us to the top - and shake our fillings loose in the process!
We discussed before leaving for Guatemala that things would not be the same there as they are in the states.  We talked about how the food would be different, and it was (sooo yummy!!).  We considered that things might not be as clean or well kept as we are used to them being (bathrooms come to mind).  We talked about how being on a trip is an adventure - and if you are only going to do the things you are used to or comfortable with, you might as well just stay home.

Sher Bear is ready to go!
Well, that was never more true than when we went to Antigua, and visited Finca Filadefia.  My wonderful relatives who planned out all the details of our itinerary told us that we were going on the canopy tour.  I asked for some clarification.  "It's up in the trees with ropes."  Still confused.  Is this a ropes course?  Or more like a zip line.  "Zip line!"

Here goes Jor Man!  He loved it!

Well, good.  Jor Man has been begging to do a real zip line for some time now.  But could little four-year-old Sher Bear go on it?  "Oh, sure!  The owners' kid has been on it and they are three."  So, we boarded the truck for the drive up the mountain.  I assure you - that ride was half the fun.  The road was rocky and one lane with hairpin turns.  The engine sounded as if it might give out up the steep slopes.  But the views of the surrounding volcanos were gorgeous.

Campster showing perfect zipline form - leg crossed, knees slightly bent, holding on.

All the way up, Campster asserted that she was not going to do it, and we couldn't make her.  Hmmm.  This will be interesting, I thought, and asked God for help.  When we got to the top, and Jor Man saw the ropes and how high up we were, he began insisting that he wasn't doing it either.

But, Buddy!  You've been begging to go on a zip line!  "NOPE!  Not doing it!"  More silent prayers.

We all got suited up with our harnesses and hard hats.  And then the lead instructor showed us how it is done.  "Watch!"  I said to Sher Bear, "it's like a big swing!"  And she was so excited.  Really.  And then the big kids were as well.

Big Dad zips through the trees.
It never even occurred to me, until it was my turn to, well, jump, to be scared.  I was so busy talking the kids into doing it, and taking pictures, that I didn't realize how utterly terrified I was until it was really too late.  Practice what you preach, right?  So I jumped.  And it was really cool.

All in all, there were 7 runs.  The longest run was 715 feet long and 100 feet off the ground.  Everyone loved it.  It was amazing.  The pictures really don't do it justice.

Wish you were here!

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