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Dressing the Part

Jor Man as Leif Erikson for Halloween 2006.
Our kids love playing dress up.  Costume changes happen several times a day.  When we studied the Vikings three years ago, Jor Man wanted to be Leif Erikson for Halloween.  

Dressing up naturally leads to acting out the story.  And making up new stories, too.  Around that same time, we also saw Mary Poppins for the first time.  Jor Man decided to write a play in which Erik the Red and the Vikings pillage a town, and then they get on horses that fly away (like Mary Poppins' carousel!).  He may have been taking a little poetic license with the history, but he will never forget the Vikings.

Sher Bear laughs at the pinata in Guatemala City, Guatemala.
We bought traditional outfits for the girls in Guatemala.  (Jor Man didn't want one!)  They love dressing up Guatemalan.  They ask to wear their new clothes almost everyday.

Campster gets sun block from Big Dad in Guatemala
Making costumes (or buying them) is an easy way to make learning fun, and connect with another culture.

Campster and her doll posing with a girl in native costume at the Central Market in Guatemala City.
This fall, Sher Bear wants to study Egypt.  So I am putting together a study of Ancient Civilizations to do with her and with Campster.  I found this cool book at the Homeschool Convention.  I think making hats to wear will help make studying the Ancients memorable and fun!

Wish you were here!

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