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Double Pharaoh Crown of Egypt

Walk like an Egyptian.
Because Sher Bear really wants to study Egypt this year, we are getting together with another homeschool family and doing projects every so often.  First we did cave paintings, and next we made Pharaoh Crowns.

Sher Bear rocks the Pharaoh crown.
Originally Egypt was split into the Upper and Lower Kingdoms.  The Pharaoh (or king) of the Upper Kingdom wore the white crown.  And the Pharaoh of the Lower Kingdom wore the red crown.  When the Upper Kingdom was victorious over the Lower Kingdom, the conquering Pharaoh wore a double crown, also called a sekhemty.  (For more info on the history of Egyptian crowns, see this website.)

Our crowns were made out of foam sheets, and colored duct tape.  We used the pattern in the book,
Historical Headgear, Hats and Helmets.

Jor Man making Pharaoh faces.

Campster's crown needs to be adjusted.

Pharaoh fun!

 Wish you were here!

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