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Museum of Art @ Rhode Island School of Design

The kids at Brown University

The girls wanted me to take this picture of the public art at Brown.

The leaves were so lovely against the old buildings at Brown.

Autumn leaves

Campster and Sher Bear admiring the Egyptian sarcophagus

Sher Bear's jaw dropped when she saw a real mummy

Model of an Egyptian Boat

Ancient Buddhadista - wooden statuary

Huge Japanese Buddha Sculpture in Wood

Campster wanted me to take a photo of this Tibetan, gold dagger for Jor Man, who was on the older kids tour.

Sher Bear wanted me to take a picture of this "beautiful jewelry"

This Babylonian wall art depicts the false goddess Ishtar as a lion.

The girls listen intently as our docent explains the battle story told by the intricately carved, marble sarcophagus.

Jor Man took this picture of Athena

A Gryphon carved on a stone casket
This is the marquis for the First Baptist Church in America.  I really liked it!
 Yesterday, the kids and I drove to Rhode Island.  I don't know that I have ever been to RI before.  It's lovely.  I particularly liked Providence with its old, historic buildings on steep hills.  Jor Man thought it would be great for skateboarding (if you want to die young!), and Sher Bear had fun stuffing her pockets full of all the beautiful leaves she found along the way.

Since we got there a little early, we walked over to Brown University and looked around.  It was very nice.  Everyone was quietly studying away.  Jor Man and I talked about the different types of architecture represented in their quadrangle.  Campster insisted that I take pictures of the art.

The First Baptist Church in America
Then we walked back down the hill to the Rhode Island School of Design's Museum of Art for a tour.  This tour was arranged by the Family Resource Center.  They have an amazing collection of art from all eras.  But our tour focused specifically on art from ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome.  Although we also saw their collections of modern, Chinese, Japanese, textile and Tibetan art.

It had been a while since we had been on a long drive, and I was surprised how much the kids enjoyed it.  I  had told them I would get them up at 6:45 am, but they were all up and dressed at 6:10 am!  I guess they were excited.  It was nice to realize that we do travel well, and fall into a certain rhythm in the car.  So, were going to do it again, soon!

Wish you were here!

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Kelly said...

So, how did you get them (entice them) to engage with the subject matter -- especially the art that isn't for a culture that they were studying?

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