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Vote Early, Vote Often

Sher Bear writing her name on her ballot

I grew up in Chicago, where "Vote Early, Vote Often" was more of a tradition than a mafia joke.

But, seriously, if you are an American, did you vote yesterday?  We did.

After breakfast, we took the kids to Town Hall and up the stairs to the polling place.  One of the benefits of living in a small, rural town is that we knew almost everyone, and they were fine about the kids being there - reminding us politely that the kids were not to touch our ballots.  They gave each of the kids their own "Sample Ballot" same as we had, but printed on bright yellow paper so as not to be confused with the real thing.

Then we all went into our little cubbies and got to the voting.  The girls filled out their ballots, too, copying Mom's and Dad's.  And Sher Bear even wrote her name on her ballot. (I'll have to talk to her about how voting is supposed to be anonymous).

If you voted yesterday, kudos to you!  I hope you took your kids with and talked about the process, and the privilege we have in the US.  I commented to the kids as we crossed the street after voting, "We are so blessed to be able to vote at all.  Blessed to be able to vote as women.  And blessed to be voting without threat of violence for having done so."  How nice to realize that there we no guns on the streets on election day.

Campster carefully considers her vote
If you didn't vote yesterday, please make sure to register to vote this week and do so next time.  I believe it is important to instill in my children not only the right to vote - but the responsibility. Please understand me, I am not saying that this is a should.  I am saying that voting is a use it or lose it proposition.  If enough of us fail to vote over the years, our children will not see the value, and we lose that wonderful privilege.  Please make sure you are registered to vote, and take your kids with you so they see how it's done.

Regardless of whether you voted or not, take time over the next few days to share the election results.  My kids were excited to compare their "ballots" with the election results.  I won't tell you how we fared, because, excepting where your rights to homeschool or parent are concerned, this is not a blog about politics.

But most states (I'd hazard a guess that all) require that you teach your children federal, state and local government.  And here's your opportunity.  Talk with your kids about why you voted the way you did.  Explain your choices and do your best to express the alternate viewpoint and what you see as it's shortcomings.

Ideas for next election:  Get involved early.  Candidates would love your help stuffing envelopes or delivering fliers.  Visit your state capitol building and talk about how it all works.  If you need a refresher course, here is a great website explaining how our government is set up.  Or, break out your Schoolhouse Rock DVD and dance around the living room while you learn about how bills turn into laws.

Lastly, I want to share ParentalRights.org with you.  Please take a moment to go over to their website and get familiar with what your rights are as a parent, and how they are in jeopardy.  It's important, and most parents I know didn't have a clue about these important issues until I told them.
Apres Voting.  Jor Man is camera shy.

Wish you were here!

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