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How to Hear God's Voice

Big Dad and Jor Man on a recent camping trip
Big Dad has often complained in the past that he does not hear from God.  I can think of a couple of times that he did - like when he knew I was pregnant with Jor Man before I did.  But on the whole, he didn't hear much.

Over time, he's come to realize that he didn't want to hear.  He was afraid of what God might say or ask him to do.  For the past year, Big Dad has been working deliberately on his relationship with God - especially trusting Him.  As a part of that effort, Big Dad ordered "How to Hear God's Voice" by Mark Virkler.  He's been loving it.

Recently, there was a webinar, and Big Dad and I did it on four consecutive Monday nights.  I must admit - I went in skeptical.  After all, I have been able to hear God's voice on and off since I was a child.  It's not something I learned to do - it just was.  So I wondered about a class that claimed to teach it.

But, surprise, surprise!  It was really good.  Funny, warm, informative, accessible and helpful.  Better yet, it works!  It works because God really wants us to hear his voice.  After all, Jesus himself said "My sheep know my voice."

Jor Man concentration on reeling in the big fish
The kids became interested in our webinar.  Jor Man sat in on it for three of the sessions and had a good experience.  It was past the girls' bedtimes, so they asked us to share with them what we had learned.

Now every night as they are going to bed, Big Dad leads them in being still before God and listening.  Campster and Sher Bear both hear God's voice really well.  The other night, Campster was quiet before God and saw herself walking down a road.  Jesus and his disciples were walking ahead of her.  She ran to catch up, and when she got close enough, jumped up on Jesus' back in a hug/tackle.  He turned his head to face her and laughed.  "Hi Cam!  I'm Peter.  Jesus is over there."  And they all laughed.  Jesus has a sense of humor.

Sher Bear asked Jesus "Why did you have to die on the cross?"  And Jesus answered her, "Because my Father wanted me to, and because I didn't want you to be punished for your sins."  I love that.  If she had given just her Sunday School answer, I would question if she were making it up.  But doing what the Father told Him to do, is above what I believe Sheridan would have answered if we had asked her just five minutes before she prayed.

I love what Becky Fischer says in her book "Redefining Children's Ministry in the 21st Century."  -Would you rather your kids know how many stones David used to slay Goliath, or recognize the voice of God?

For me, the very most precious gift I could ever give my kids is a personal relationship with Jesus.  I can't make them receive it.  But I can share my relationship with God with them, and I can give them the tools to make it much easier.

Wish you were here!

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