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Sowing Love

Recent events have only served to remind me of some of the reasons why I homeschool.  Children are being bullied to the point of suicide.  There is a lot of hate going around.

How do we, as Christian parents, stand firm on what we believe the Bible says about sexuality, while still teaching that hate is not the response God calls us to?

Last week I got to see an old friend.  He was in NYC to see some shows, and we arranged to meet him at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  My children have many people in their lives who are gay.  But because they are children, and are so innocent, they do not yet know.

They know about sex.  We answer all their questions openly and honestly.  They see the chickens mating.  They have a natural curiosity about such things.  And we have always emphasized to them that sex is for marriage only, and between a husband and a wife.  I understand that others see this differently.

As I thought about our upcoming visit with my friend, I knew that he had "married" his partner and would it would probably come up in conversation.  I didn't want him to have to hide it - but I also wanted the opportunity to discuss it with my kids beforehand.  I knew that they would pick up on it.

Jor Man poses with the Medieval weaponry
So we talked with the kids about it.  I explained to them that there are actually many people in their lives who are gay.  This was met with groans and "Yuck" faces.  I continued, "Even though we understand that this is not what God would want for them, we need to remember that we also do things that God says not to do."

"Like what?" Jor Man asked, unbelieving.

"Like being unkind to your sisters."  I answered.  "We all fall short and do things that God tells us not to do.  That is what Jesus died for.  To love us anyway."  I explained that some kids in America had been bullied for being gay.  "Is that how God wants us to treat people?"  I asked.

"We should love them," was Sher Bear's reponse.  Jor Man was least comfortable.  I assured him that we would not ever put him in harm's way.

The whole idea of loving people who were openly doing what God said was wrong was difficult for them to "sit with".  We will need to revisit it again and again, I expect.

But the day came, and we went to the Museum.  I met my friend, and informed him of our little experiment.  I told him that I wanted them to have the opportunity to meet someone, knowing that they are gay, and see that they can still choose to be loving of him.

My friend was glad to go along and be the "guinea pig" in my social experiment.  I told him that if my kids made comments that were rude, I hoped he would forgive it, and point it out to them.  Thankfully, that wasn't necessary.

At first when they met him, they were a bit afraid.  They hung back a bit.  But within five minutes, they were fighting over who got to hold his hand, and Jor Man was regaling him with Greek Mythology.

The kids, my friend and I, in front of a Pollock
Somewhere, amidst all the paintings, and pottery, the statues and the lunch, they forgot that he was gay, and just enjoyed him.  When we left the museum, I asked the kids what their favorite thing in the museum was.  "Bill!!"  They all cried out.  I think it was a success.

Wish you were here!

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