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Better Late than Early

Today was pay day for the children, and we went to the bank.  Jor Man has filled out his deposit slip several times, and does quite well.  Campster wanted to fill hers out today for the first time.

The date went in the first space.  I told her what to write, and it was illegible.  Then I suggested that we throw away that slip, and start over.  I filled out Sher Bear's slip with the date, and I asked Campster to copy my numbers.  Nope, everything was still backwards and a mess.

I was surprised to find out that she does not know how to write her numbers.  Her printing of letters is quite good.  We began unschooling before she learned to write numerals.  And until today, she had not had any desire to write numbers.

CalcuLadder 1: Basic Addition & Subtraction (A Learning Vitamins Unit)So I suggested that maybe she might want to learn how to write her numbers.  And she agreed.  I made plans to break out my Calculadder, that I used with Jor Man to practice his numbers.

But then I thought about it.  And I realized that she is able to do addition and subtraction in her head.  She understands the idea of numbers - the concept.  That is far more challenging to learn than the simple act of writing.

So I asked Campster, "Do you want to learn to write numbers now?  Or do you want to wait awhile until you are older and it is easier?"  She decided to wait until she's older.  I know that my handwriting got much better around 9th grade, when I really wanted my handwriting to be lovely.  By that time, I had the  desire and the ability to focus my attention in that area and improve rather rapidly.

I don't expect that Campster will wait until 9th grade to work on her numbers.  But, so what if she did?

Wish you were here!

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