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Butterfly Blog - by Campster

Kids love to share what they know.  Campster wanted to share what she knows about butterflies with all of you.  So she dictated, and I typed.  Enjoy!

I am an expert at catching butterflies.  In the summer, I catch about 20 each month.

Nets are important utensils for catching butterflies - the main thing that you use, at first, to catch butterflies.  Try to get a net that you are comfortable with.  I like my wooden one.  It's very nice to have a new net each year.  If you get a hole in your net, don't try to sew it up - get a new one.  A nice new net is comfortable for you and the butterfly.

You can also use your hands to catch butterflies, although a net is much easier.  But, if you don't have one, cup your hands as though you are going to get a drink, but upside down, and gently place your hands over the butterfly.  Then put your fingers together and make sure there are no cracks.

For containers, look in your recycle bin.  You can find old jelly jars, or other containers.  Make sure that you have small holes in the top so that the butterfly can breathe.  If its a jelly jar without a top, you can put some old screen over it with a rubber band.

If it is a caterpillar you find, please remember to put on gloves.  If you hold a caterpillar for too long without gloves, they are poisonous.  Remember to put a stick or flower in the jar.  If you don't know what type to put in, use whatever the insect was sitting on when you caught it.  Or you can look on the internet. For the butterfly to drink, put in some gatorade, but put in a sponge or something to keep it from drowning.

You can feed butterflies by putting a Q-Tip in Gatorade.  Then hold the Q-Tip up to the butterfly's feet.  Butterflies taste with their feet.  Once they taste it, they will climb on.

Wish you were here!

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Lynn said...

thank you for the very interesting information about catching butterflies! you know a LOT about butterflies!
your second cousin,

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