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We have a problem in our house.  The kids think that I said "You can do such-and-so," when I didn't.  I know my memory is not great, but there are certain things that I just would not agree to do.  Also, they often misinterpret my saying that I'll think about it, for agreement.

So I've told the kids to get it in writing.  If they want something out of the ordinary, they must submit it in writing.  Here's Campster's requests for her recent birthday.  Obviously her spelling needs help.  But I've been told that the important part of getting kids to write is not to worry about spelling.  Get them excited about writing, and then when they are older they can work on spelling once they are loving writing.

I had to ask Campster to "read" me her list.  I wrote the words out for my own benefit next to them.  Then I signed the list that I agreed.

Recently, Jor Man wanted to write out the menu for breakfasts for the week.  So I told him that he needed to get agreement from the girls - literally get them to sign off on the menu.  It was really fun watching him negotiate and get buy-in from the girls.  In the end, he got everyone to agree, and even had Beauty Mom and Big Dad sign his menu.  The kids reveled in "their" breakfast menu that week.

We use writing every day for leaving notes for each other, making requests and even writing stories.

Wish you were here!

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