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When I woke up this morning I had no idea what the day held in store for me.  There were things I intended to do - too many for one day.  I spent a while lying in bed, talking with God, and asking for His peace, wisdom and company throughout the day.  

I was surprised to find the whole house still asleep when I got up at 8.  Usually we are all up around 7, with Big Dad getting up between 5 and 6 am.  But this morning everyone slept in.  I woke Big Dad up, and he mentioned that he remembered that we had doctor appointments for the kids this morning.

I had forgotten.  Appointments for all three at 9 am - and the doctor is 45 minutes away!  So Big Dad grabbed us some fruit and I woke all three kids and told them they needed to get dressed and in the car immediately.

Off we went - and made it there in time - Miraculous.  We were there to discuss the kids' anemia issues.  (Did you know that Restless Legs Syndrome in children is often misdiagnosed as ADD or ADHD and/or growing pains?  And RLS can be caused by low normal ferritin levels.)  I wanted to get to the root of the problem.  Turns out the pediatrician used to work with a hematologist - long story - but such a blessing!

Doctor also mentioned that his wife coordinates the education program at the Mahaiwe Theater - and is interested in connecting with homeschoolers.  I will be looking into their schedule.

Next off to the hospital for blood tests.  The woman at the registration desk asked if I knew the so-and-so family?  I didn't.  But, I explained, I don't know very many people in our small town because we homeschool.  She told me that the family she was referring to home schooled also - that it was her pastor's family.  Wait!!!  A Christian Homeschooling Family in our town?  I honestly thought we were the only ones.  Wow.  So we exchanged info, and now we have a new family to get to know.  We have been praying for more friends.  I also shared with her that our family has been asked to coordinate the National Day of Prayer in our town.  She said they'd love to help.  Yippee!  And I just thought we were going for a blood test.  :)

When we returned home, I found I couldn't shut the slider door on the minivan.  Neither could Big Dad. I called the Toyota dealer, and they got us in that afternoon.  That's another 45 minutes in the other direction.  Back into the car we went.  Thankfully, we are listening to C.S. Lewis' "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader" on CD, and didn't mind more time in the car.

Now we are home with a loaner car.  Too tired to make the homemade pizza I had planned.  What a day.  Thanks for being there with me, Lord.  I can always count on you to make a crazy day an adventure in your blessings.

Wish you were here!

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Jon Hillegeist said...

Thanks for teaching me by word and deed that life is about relationship with God. Thanks that you asked him to keep you company with you!

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