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Planning Ahead

Campster likes to think ahead.  She has already "picked out" the house she wants to live in when she grows up.  She asked,  "But how will I get anywhere, since I don't have a car?"  I explained that she will need to save her money to buy one.

She asked, "Do they make pink cars?"  "Yes," I laughed, "But you will need to pay extra for that."

Then she wondered, "How will I get to the car store to buy my pink car?  Will you give me a ride?"  I said that I thought I could do that when the time came.

A couple of months ago, Campster wanted to know if she would be expected to cook for her husband and family.  "Of course!"  I told her.  She worried that she doesn't yet know how to cook.  But I pointed out to her that, actually, she did know how to make a few things.

"I don't think my husband and children will like eating mac and cheese all the time."  She reasoned.

"Would you like my help to learn how to cook so that you will be able to cook for your family?" I offered.  I always try to frame my instruction not as "teaching them" but as my "helping them".

Together, Campster and I bought and decorated a three-ring binder (it's pink).  We are working on recipes that she is mastering, and then writing out to put in her binder.  I explained that if we do a recipe every couple of weeks, she will have a binder full of recipes she knows how to do by the time she is married.

Wish you were here!


Jon Hillegeist said...

Love the child led, practical equipping you are doing for our kiddos!

Anonymous said...

I'm so with you on this. I want all my kids (male and female) to leave the house with 30 main dish recipes / capabilities under their belts so that they can adeuately menue plan in their adult life.

SoCal Kelly

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