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On the way home from our recent Boston trip, we encountered the big snowstorm that hit the east coast.  The last hour of the trip, the snow was coming down so quickly, that the plows couldn’t keep up.  The roads were icy.  Big Dad and I decided on the best route home – but we couldn’t avoid the big hill.

As we approached the hill, Jor Man called from the back seat to please turn off the radio (we were listening to “The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe”). 

“What’s up, buddy?”  I asked. 

“We need to pray that we can get up the hill,” he said.  And he began to pray.  All three children prayed aloud – without any coaching from us.  The roads were very icy, right up to the hill.  And then, no ice.  The whole hill, all the way up had no ice.  We cheered and praised the Lord!  I didn’t see any reason for there being no ice on the hill.  But there wasn’t any. 

On another occasion, a 20-something friend of ours was visiting and sharing her cares with me while the kids played in another room.  I felt the urge to pray for her about this, and just as I was going to, Campster walked over.  I told her we were going to pray, and asked if she’d like to join us.  Without hesitation, she walked over to our friend, put her hand on her shoulder and began praying. 

What she said brought tears to our eyes.  Campster told our friend that God knew about her concerns.  He was listening.  She was very specific, and could not have known what to pray, except that she heard what God was saying to our friend.  It strengthened our friend’s faith, mine, and even Campster’s.  She knows she heard from God and that God used her to bless someone she cares about. 

How is it that my kids are so willing to pray, and so confident in God’s answering?  Because I am like that.  If I’ve just met you, I will offer to pray for you, if I feel led.  I am not afraid of what people will think.  We pray all the time around here – for everything.    Two days ago, I couldn’t find a Netflix disc that needs to be returned.  I told the kids to look everywhere.  After a few minutes, Sher-bear said, “It’s okay guys.  You can stop looking.  I prayed.  We’ll find it soon.”  I love her confidence. 

You can’t convince your kids of what you don’t believe.  Sometimes we want to believe, but we don’t really.  Yeah, they can tell.  If you want your kids to have a strong faith life, you have to strengthen yours.  What you pay attention to, gets bigger.  Pay attention to the answers to prayer.  Make it big for yourself!  Celebrate and worship with boldness.  As my friend Doug Schaupp says, “Turn a God Moment, into a God Movement.” 

If you make God a big part of your day – praying often and aloud, your children will too.  Give it time if this is something that is new to you .  Prayer is something that you get better at with practice.  Remember, it’s just talking with someone who loves you.  It doesn't have to be any fancier than that.

Wish you were here!

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