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Art (& Food) Appreciation

The area we live in is very artsy.  Last week they held the 2nd all-town art show, Spring for Art.  Having attended the Fall for Art last year with a friend, I was excited that the kids be a part of the festivities this year.

Thirty-two businesses hosted 50 local artists.  There were sculptures, photos and paintings.  Most of the locations also offered hors d oeuvres and beverages.  So all five of us went sampling and surveying, up and the down the streets.  I didn't see many kids (except mine).  I wish there had been more kids there.  We had discussions on etiquette (can you say "double dipping"?), and much enthusiasm over some of the art and most of the food.  LOL!

We talked about which pieces they liked best.  Some of the works made us wonder, "Is this art?" 

We noticed differences in media and styles.  Most of the artists were there and so we could ask them about their work.  My favorite pieces were in the movie theater.  Here's a picture of the kids in front of one of them.  I know, the kids look bored and annoyed, but they really weren't.  They just didn't want me taking their picture when they could be checking out the food!

After the art showing, Campster asked about how one gets their work into a show like that.  I explained that once you have a body of work of a certain quality, you can ask to be a part of a show.  She's decided that next year she will have some of her work in the show.  I wouldn't be surprised.

Wish you were here!

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