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Sticking to Your Guns

I think the single most difficult part of parenting (for me) is the need to be consistent.  Paradoxically, being consistent often means needing to be flexible.  For instance, a friend called me today to say that she was planning to take her four kids to the library and then to the lake, and did we want to join them?  Sure!  I said.  We could use the outing.  And we haven't seen these friends in a while.  

The kids had been playing together particularly well since Jor Man has been feeling better.  Jor Man even set up a Nerf shooting gallery in his room, and was entertaining the girls by letting them shoot the targets for prices (at one cent per shot - my entrepreneur!)  They were behaving well, and I thought they deserved the visit with their friends.

The kids were so excited when I told them we were getting together.  Jor Man collected up the towels and put the chairs in the car.  The girls got their swim suits on and planned snacks.  All was going well.
(Sher Bear on the beach)   

And then my friend called.  Her children had not been so well behaved that morning.  They were not getting done what they needed to, and would not be joining us.  Rats!

The kids were bummed.  But, I gotta say, I was impressed with my friend.  She stuck to her guns.  If their behavior was not up to snuff, then they did not get the reward.  I have done that, too, many times.  I've missed parties I wanted to go to because the kids were not behaving.  I have found that if you follow through with what you said - and miss the party, next time, they'll be much more likely to cooperate.

Fortunately for us, our friend called back later to say that the children had now finished, and they were at the beach awaiting our arrival!  Hurray!  (Campster gives her friend a hug.  Like her new haircut?)

We love our lake.  It's so peaceful and pretty.  The kids try to catch fish, and they practice their swimming. Everyone had a wonderful time.  Especially the mommies who were happy for some "friend time" for ourselves.

Oh, and here is the promised picture of the girls' room remodel.  The floor was messy, so I just took a picture of the one wall.  LOL!  I'll try and take a pic of the whole thing when it's clean.  :)

Wish you were here!

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