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How to Hide in the Woods

Last week, Jor Man took part in a two-day day camp called "How to Hide in the Woods".  It was offered by Flying Deer Nature Center about 40 minutes north of us. 

It cost $95, of which Jor Man chipped in $20.  He was so excited to take part in it.  In the picture to the left, Jor Man is the second from the right.  

He came home ecstatic!  He now has a love for black birch trees, as they learned how to make birch beer (similar to root beer) from the branches.  I surprised him by buying him a black birch tree - hey, it was earth day.  :)

At the end of the second day of camp, the families were invited to come 20 minutes early to take part.  All the campers shared one thing they had learned about hiding in the woods.  Then they asked the parents to turn around for two minutes while the kids hid in the woods.  We couldn't see them.  All the parents were walking up and down, shaking our heads.  Then the instructor gave the signal and they all emerged slowly.  "Wow!  I thought you were a rock, " and "I can't believe we didn't see you!" were heard.  Here's Jor Man emerging in the photo on the right.

Next the kids showed us the shelters they had constructed.  And Campster and Sher Bear climbed down into them.  

The best part of the camp for me was the effect it has had on all three children's play.  We live on three and a half acres of grass, woods, creek and meadow.  Before the camp, the kids only played on the grass.  Rather, they played on the playground on the grass.  There interaction with nature was minimal.  

Now, all three kids disappear into our woods.  They create forts.  They hide.  They are finding the homes of animals and are much more aware of the plants and trees.  Jor Man wants to make a map of our property, identifying all of the trees.  I got him this tree fandex at MASS HOPE to help with the process.  I also got him "The Survival Handbook".  He's really into it.  

I just ordered him a book about how to make our own birch beer.  Jor Man wants to develop his own healthy brand of root beer.  Cool!  An entrepreneur.

Wish you were here!


Anonymous said...

I wonder if that's like the birch beverage that is sold at Russian stores? It's clear.

Let us know how it goes and how much of tree he needs to de-bark to make it.


Anonymous said...

Wow. $95 dollars to transform three kids' interaction with nature. What a deal!!!

Hopefully, the skills will never be necessary.

SoCal Kelly

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