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Beauty Spa

Our friend, Grace,  has arrived, and we are much enjoying her company.  The girls are all a twitter showing her their new room, and their American Girl dolls.  This morning we played "Beauty Spa" with Sher Bear doing my make up and hair, and Campster doing Grace's.  I think it is good for them to get in their practice now, before they are old enough to really wear makeup.  I want them to get past their urge to paint cheeks bright pink and eyes baby blue to the eyebrows.  I encouraged Sher Bear to make my makeup delicate.  Grace looked like a clown when Campster was done with her.  We coached Campster on "less is more" and at first she balked, and got all bent out of shape that we didn't just love it.  But later she brought out a wash cloth and Grace now looks presentable.  They really love to do our make up and hair.  So cute and girly.

It is not my favorite thing to have my hair and make up done, especially by my kids.  But I remember how much I loved to do it (mostly to my little sister) when I was young, so I buck up and let them.  They love it so!

And, no, I'm not taking post "Beauty Spa" pictures.  Because, I am that vain.

Wish you were here!

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