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Maggie the Soccer Dog

Campster, Grace and I went over to Whippoorwill Farms the other day to buy some raw honey, grass fed beef, breakfast sausage and soup bones.  They have delicious food.  Really.  You ought to try some.

Always happy to make a new animal friend, Campster played soccer with Maggie, while Grace and I shopped.  You can see some video of Maggie playing soccer below.

We want to get a Border Collie.  Jor Man, especially, would love to have a dog again.  As soon as Big Dad gets another job, I think we will.  Having a pet is a wonderful opportunity for responsibility and compassion.  Jor Man had some fish.  But Beauty Mom was ill-informed as to the proper care of fish and killed them all eventually.  (When you clean the tank, you don't change all the water at once.  Oops.)

Campster takes good care of both Miss Kitty and Ruby the bunny.  I have chickens.  But, for the time being, Jor Man does not have a pet.  Soon.  I hope.

Wish you were here!

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