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Enjoying God's Creation

We were over at a friend's house this past weekend.  Their son had jury-rigged a plank and rope gangway up a tree, which our kids took to immediately.  What they found at the top surprised us all - a chrysalis, with it's butterfly just emerging.  Isn't God so gracious?!  My butterfly loving Campster was right on it.  She reminded everyone not to touch it until the butterfly has a chance to pump its wings up, and fly.  But we all got to take a look. Amazing!

Yesterday, we were working on our garden beds.  And the girls caught a frog.  They played with that frog for hours, creating a habitat for it  (I love that they know that word), and letting it swim in the kiddy pool, and hop on the grass.  There were also moths that were caught, examined and released.  Eventually, the frog, too, was released, but only after much encouragement from the parents that this was the thing to do.

But first they decided to kiss the frog and see if it was a prince under a spell.  Nope.  Campster tells me she kissed him "lip-to-lip".  Eewww.  Unschooling is not for the faint of heart, or stomach.

On any other day, I might have gotten out books and looked up the kinds of butterfly, moth and frog they had captured.  But I decided rather to just enjoy.  And sometimes, enjoying God's creation IS the lesson.

We are waiting for the rain that never came last night.  After the rain we will put in our seeds and plants. So exciting!

Wish you were here!

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