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This week we are once again learning lessons I could not have planned.  Jor Man discovered what he thought was a bruise on his leg that he wanted to show me.  Turns out he had seven bulls eye rashes on his legs.  By the next day, there were fifteen, including two on his face.  He has lyme disease.  Not a big surprise considering that we live in "tick land".  You see a deer and think "Bambi".  I see a deer and think "Tick distributor".  The first year we lived here, the pediatrician told us to expect to tick check each child every night (we do, religiously) for something the size of a period at the end of a sentence.  "Because," he added, "the average number of ticks per kid each year is eight."  The Campster managed more than that her first year.  Since then we've averaged somewhere around three a year, per child.

Jor Man is doing much better now.  I really hate using antibiotics, but sometimes they are a godsend!  His fever is gone, and he no longer looks like someone took a baseball bat to his legs.  Poor kid.   He was pretty freaked out.

So I was planning to write about the great new schedule Big Dad and I had put together; and about how much more we are accomplishing.  Well, we did - for one day.  And then Jor Man got lyme and I dropped all my plans and expectations and just sat with him.

The beauty of homeschooling is that you can have a schedule, when and if you want one.  And you can just as easily chuck it when life happens and you want to reprioritize.  Jor Man and I had a Harry Potter movie marathon.  And we discussed salvation (again) and how God's love for us isn't something that we earn.  And how faith is only real when you put all your weight on it.

The girls got extra daddy time, which they enjoyed.  Their room redecoration is complete and we are all thrilled with the results.  I will make the effort to take pictures tomorrow.  Well, I'll plan to - and we'll see what tomorrow brings.

Wish you were here!

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Anonymous said...

Paisley, thank you for your testimony to a mom (and wife) that is simply and beautifully living her faith in Jesus. Glad to hear that Jordan is better. :) Love, Alicia

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