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Snuggle Puppy

The Campster is a Snuggle Puppy.  Her Love Language is physical touch.  Being aware of that, Big Dad and I make an intentional effort to fill her love tank daily.  This is important now, but will be even more so when the hormones hit hard.  We'd much rather she get her hugs from us.

Every night, Big Dad reads to the girls, snuggled up on the sofa.  And every morning, the kids join me in the bed for snugs.  For kids that need that physical touch (well, they all do, but I mean those who especially need it) doing school in bed or snuggled on the sofa is a great option.  She is much calmer and less fidgety when snuggling while doing her reading.  You'd get in trouble if you tried that in public school!

Speaking of reading, Campster has recently made the jump from reading short vowel words to long vowel words.  Wow!  She is so excited.  We were using Phonics Pathways, which worked great for Jor Man and I still highly recommend.  But she was frustrated.  So we tried some short, colorful readers from Abeka that friends had handed down to us.  She loves them.  And that is the secret - finding what makes learning fun.  I love that we are not tied down to some district mandated curriculum.  If something's not working - we change it - that minute!

If you don't know what your child's love language is, here's an easy way to find out:

Beauty Mom:  Do you know that Mommy and Daddy love you?

Campster:  Yeah!

Beauty Mom:  How do you know?

Campster:  You tickle and hug me.  (Physical touch)

Jor Man and Sher-Bear's love languages are both Gifts.  The other love languages are quality time together (We play together, you read to me), Encouraging words (You tell me that I'm pretty, you say you love me), and Helps (You cook dinner for me, you help me learn to read).

The other way to tell is this:  People usually try to love others in the way they most like to be loved.  Sher Bear must give me 10 pictures, shells, flowers and rocks a day.  She even wraps them.  Campster hugs me and loves to give big, somewhat inappropriate, mushy kisses.  Jor Man brings me lego creations he made for me.

Find out what your kid's love languages are, and report back how you plan to fill their tanks this week!
Wish you were here!

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Charla @ Healthy Home Blog said...

The Five Love Languages is a great book. We have two of them. Also, I'm now following you on Friend Connect and would love to have you follow me too. :)

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